The Pirate Gram for the Week of November 2, 2021. We look forward to seeing everyone at Parent Teacher Conferences on Monday!
8 months ago, Crane Elementary
Cross Country Class 1 District 2 Meet Calen Faucett 6th Calen will compete in the State Meet next Saturday in Columbia
8 months ago, Crane Athletics
Calendar Faucett
Clash of the Clashes Assembly didn’t disappoint! This years race is different than last year with events happening all year!
8 months ago, Crane High School
Don’t forget parent teacher conferences are this coming Monday! 4-7 pm
8 months ago, Crane High School
Basketball Jamborees are scheduled for Tuesday, November 16. The girls will host and the boys will play at Aurora.
8 months ago, Crane Athletics
Hi, Crane Community! Your high school student council is kicking off a Fall Food and Funds drive today where our school and community is encouraged to gather food and/or contribute funds for the Ozarks Food Harvest. This organization is a HUGE area food pantry that helps feed food insecure people all over the Southwest Missouri area. Every $1 contributed to this group will prepare 4 meals for people; 96 cents of every dollar actually goes toward helping the hungry. So, a $25 contribution from you would feed The Jr. & High School advisory group classes will be collecting food, food drop off barrels are placed in the high school and elementary school vestibules, and cash & check donations (made out to the Ozarks Food Harvest) will be accepted at both building entry points. You can also contribute directly, with funds being credited as having come from our community, to the Ozarks Food Harvest via this online giving link: This effort for our community is also a competition at the HS grade level with the most FOOD contributions to Advisory Group classes earning points in the Clash of Classes Competition. Also, the Advisory Group (JR or High School) with the most FOOD contributions by 11/12 will have a Pizza Party catered by Mr. Davis in their advisory classes on Tues. before Thanksgiving! So, let's do it Crane! Let's feed a bunch of people!. Sincerely, Dr. East & Mrs. Faucett and your High School Student Council
8 months ago, Daniel Davis
Food Drive
High School students, Aubrey and Nolan, presented the importance of seatbelt safety to our kindergarten through 3rd grade students. Students learned they should be buckled up while in the car and in a booster seat if they are not 80 pounds, 8 years old, or 4’9”. They also learned they should ride in the back seat until the age of 13.
8 months ago, Kelli Rogers
K-3 Boosters to Belts Program
Aubrey and Nolan Boosters to Belts
Thank you to all the families who signed up to help "Stuff the Staff Fridge"! We had a great response and all the slots were accounted for quickly. We will have another opportunity soon if you missed out this round!
8 months ago, Kelli Rogers
Stuffed Fridge
Parent-Teacher Conferences are around the corner. Please be on the lookout for information about scheduling those times with your children's teacher!
9 months ago, Crane R-III School District
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