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District Mission & Philosophy

Crane R-III Educational Mission

The Crane R-III School District commits to student success with a rigorous and relevant curriculum by developing critical thinkers, providing a safe and positive learning environment, creating active partnerships between all stakeholders, and providing the guidance, support and skills to participate in a 21st century global economy.

Crane R-III School District Philosophy

We believe that in a democratic society, education must help the student realize his or her worth as an individual and should lead him or her toward becoming a productive member of society. Strong emphasis must be placed upon democratic values which are vital to maintain and must be continually evaluated to provide and improve a free society for all individuals.

We believe that the role of the teacher in the educational process is to provide opportunities for the individual, through individualized or group instruction, to achieve at the maximum level of capacity, to create a learning environment in which individual motivation for learning is the stimulus for current and future achievement, and to promote through teaching and example the principles of the democratic way of life.

We believe that parents/guardians have definite responsibilities in and for the education of their children. Parents need to encourage the student to give his or her best efforts daily, support and impart confidence in their school, and readily participate in school activities.

We believe that the student must have responsibilities in the educational program of the community. The student is obliged to come to school with an open mind, an attitude that schooling is worthwhile, equipped with all the necessary materials, and ready to fulfill the responsibilities of the learning process. The best attitude should be that the school is an institution of opportunity, staffed with trained personnel to help students realize their goals in adult life and society.

We believe that the foundation of the district's education program is based on the development of competencies in the basic fundamentals of reading, oral and written communication, mathematics, the field of science, and appreciation of the American heritage.

It is, therefore, the responsibility of the Crane R-III School District to provide an educational environment for children of the district which will foster, support, and accelerate their intellectual, physical, social, and career development.