Student Computer User Agreement

This is the Crane R-III School District Student Computer Use Agreement. A copy of this must be signed by each student and their parent or guardian and filed in the Technology Office before the student will be given an account on the school network and be allowed access to the districts computer and technology resources.

The user will:
  1. Use the technology only in support of activities consistent with district policies and goals.
  2. Respect and adhere to all rules that apply to the operation of the technology or to any other network being used or accessed through the technology.
  3. Respect and adhere to all copyright, trade secret, and patent laws, and guidelines that pertain to the technology or to resources accessed through the technology.
  4. Never use the technology to access or supply threatening, profane, obscene, or violent material.
  5. Never use the technology to access or supply resources for which the user does not have authorization.
  6. Never disrupt or vandalize the technology or resources associated with the technology or resources belonging to other users.
  7. Never use the technology to upload, download, or install software or data of any kind without prior direct authorization of the Technology Coordinator.
  8. Never use the technology to harass or annoy other users by means of unwanted email or by any other means.
  9. Never use the technology for commercial activities, advertisements, solicitation, or for political activities.
  10. Abide by generally accepted rules of network etiquette.
  11. Promptly notify the Technology Coordinator of any security problems of which the user becomes aware.
  12. Never reveal any security problems to anyone other than the Technology Coordinator.
  13. Never reveal passwords or privileges to other individuals.
  14. Never use any other user’s passwords or privileges.
  15. Never reveal phone numbers, addresses, or other personal information via the technology system.
  16. Notify the Technology Coordinator of any change in account information.
  17. Adhere to District requests to update registration, password, or account information.
  18. Be aware that email accounts and other technology resources allocated to users are not private and are subject to review by the Technology Coordinator and District Administrators.
The District Reserves the right to terminate any and/or all of the user’s access privileges if ANY of the provisions outlined in this policy are violated. The District will make the final determination as to what constitutes a violation and may elect to administer additional disciplinary actions. Additionally, some violations may constitute civil and/or criminal offenses and may result in the appropriate notification of legal authorities.

You may NOT go to MySpace.
You may NOT use web based email.
You may NOT IM.
You may NOT use a proxy to circumvent the content filter.
This is NOT your house. You may NOT go wherever you want on the Internet.
You will abide by the rules above as outlined in the computer user agreement that YOU SIGNED or you will lose your computer privileges.
You are here to learn. The computer is here to help you learn. Use of the computer is a PRIVLEDGE, not a RIGHT. Don’t abuse the privilege.